Health Careers

HO LabDo you have a desire to help others? This program enables you to explore a variety of health career occupations and earn State of Indiana Nurse Aide certification through hands-on lab experiences and clinical internships at area health care facilities to give you the skills and experience necessary for successful entry into health care fields or for continuing education in medical or dental occupations.

The first year of the program explores a variety of health career occupations through theory, guest speakers aCNA Patchnd hands-on clinical internships at various healthcare facilities. Core skills in patient care, vital signs, basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, communication, and employability skills are integrated into the curriculum, as well as, certification in first aid and American Red Cross CPR. Upon successful completion of the first year of the program, you have the experience and knowledge that ensures successful entry into the second year of the program.

The second year continues to advance skills learned in the first year and allows you to advance your skills in a specific health career. Building upon the core skills from the first year with an emphasis on assessment, communication and leadership skills, you will participate in a more comprehensive clinical internship. Anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and employability skills will be reviewed, as well as, re-certification in CPR. You will have the option of completing the State of Indiana Certified Nursing Assistant course and obtaining certification enhancing immediate employability in a healthcare facility upon graduation or part time employment while pursuing post-secondary education.

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