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Want an edge on applying for scholarships and college admissions? In BTI, we take these critical senior tasks seriously! They become part of your daily expectations from the first day. You will experience a professional work environment and atmosphere that includes the expectations and productivity required to be successful at college and in your future career. This program targets seniors who are ready to test their self-motivation, work ethic and goal-setting skills. There is no traditional classroom structure to this program; it is your chosen workplace for the part of the day you are in the program and at your internship.

You, along with your instructor, develop an individualized plan directed toward your college and career aspirations. A big part of this plan includes earning college credits, Microsoft certifications, and preparing for placement in an internship position in your career area. Whether it is in business, graphic design, computer science, medical or legal fields, you will be a step ahead of the traditional high school student!

This is course is for seniors only. Students must be working toward a Core 40, Technical Honors, or Academic Honors Diploma and have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Students have a desire to pursue post secondary education 4 or 2 year degree and are able to work independently. Must be able to recognize the need for advanced computer knowledge and skills for college success. Students must have transportation to Hinds Career Center and/or internship site.

Hinds Graduate Opportunities

Advanced preparation and training for college success; extensive time spent on scholarships and college applications; expanded employment opportunities for great part-time jobs while pursuing your degree due to advanced computer and organizational skills; Microsoft certifications and professional internship experiences.

Course Credit Information - Ivy Tech

  • BUSN 101 (3 credits)
  • BUSN 105 (3 Credits)
Huffman, Kathy
School: Unknown
Post-Grad Credits: Ivy Tech
Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist

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Your coursework at Hinds Career Center is your ticket to a successful college, technical school, apprenticeship or post-graduation entry career.

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