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In an increasingly competitive global economy, America’s economic strength depends on the education and skills of its workers. Every worker, especially in this economy, deserves a chance to train and build new skills and seek the next opportunity. Under the American Graduation Initiative, the federal government is investing at unprecedented levels in training.

The Welding Technology program is committed in providing a career pathway for students to pursue these opportunities and develop the necessary skills to meet the demands of the rapidly growing Advanced Manufacturing market.

Students enrolled in this program will have the opportunity explore and experience the following areas:

  • Design Processes (Drafting)
  • Computers in Design & Production Systems (CADD)
  • Manufacturing Processes (Metals Joining 1)
  • Manufacturing Processes (Fabrication 1)
  • Manufacturing Processes (Metals Joining 2), and certification thru the American Welding Society Entry Level Welder Program.

Internships and job shadowing opportunities are used provide experience in the opportunities and demands of the workplace.

Welding class is designed to assist each student reach their full potential. They often reach goals they thought were unattainable. The welding class works well for hands-on learners. Each student is in control of their own education. They choose the welding process or processes they want to master and then we help them achieve those goals.

You tell us what you want to do:

  1. Become AWS certified
  2. Work GMAW in a factory setting
  3. TIG weld stainless or aluminum
  4. Travel the world as a pipefitter
  5. Weld on race cars
  6. Weld on aerospace
  7. Weld on the farm/personal/artistic

Our focus is to help you achieve your dreams!

Hinds Graduate Opportunities

Advanced Manufacturing; advanced training for college or technical trades; Apprenticeship; Workforce entry with experience & entry level skills

Career Opportunities

Manufacturing, Construction, Fabrication, or self-employment, Certified Welder, Combination Welder, Structural Ironworker, Industrial Maintenance, Welder/Fabricator, Pipe Welder, Welding Inspector, Welding Engineer & many in the field of Advanced Manufacturing

Student Profile

  • Junior and/or Senior
  • Ability to work independently
  • Have a desire to pursue a career and/or post-secondary education in the field of Advanced Manufacturing or welding/fabrication related fields
  • Dependabile transportation daily to Hinds Career Center

Course Credit Information - Ivy Tech

  • WLD 100 - Welding Processes (3 Credits)
  • WLD 108 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I (3 Credits)
  • WLD 103 Arc Welding I (3 Credits)
  • MIT 114 Introductory Welding (3 Credits)
  • WLD 207 Gas Metal Arc (MIG) Welding (3 Credits)
Tony Sovern
School: Hinds Career Center
Post-Grad Credits: Ivy Tech
Certification: American Welding Society Entry Level Welder

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